Project Cars vHUD 1.2 preview

15 Feb 2016

While version 1.1.50 is now available for download from the Microsoft store, work has already started on the next version, which will feature the ability to use custom made HUDs.

This all started in December 2015, as a hobbie and a test to see how to interact with the Project Cars API.

I also choose to use the Windows Universal platform since, compared with iOS and Android, was the one with less applications available for Project Cars.

However, today, with about 300 downloads from the store, this app has grown bigger than I initially expected. I've spent quite a few nights working on this, and version 1.2 will see a big change made to the app: customizable HUDs.

Anyone will be able to write their own template, that they can then share (and I will also make it available on the official website), so that you can cater the application to your liking. Eventually I even plan to allow you to do this from within the app, but at least for a first release a template language will make it easier and quicker for me to develop.

Two HUDs will be maintained by me and not customizable: The Damage HUD and the Timings HUD. because of their complexity.

The settings for which HUD is used will also be changed. There will be 4 slots for HUDs available (same as now), which you can switch while racing with a tap on the screen (as you do now). Also, there will be new options to import a zip file that will contain a custom HUD. However only slot #1 can use a custom HUD (the other 3 slots have to use one of the built in HUDs).

At some point (probably version 1.2.1) I will introduce IAP (in app purchases) that will unlock the number of slots available from 4 to unlimited, and remove the limitation of only slot #1 being able to use a custom HUD. The cost will be the lowest tier possible for each respective market and act as a symbolic value.